Today, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) launched the Neuromod Prize, a $9.8 million competition to accelerate the development of targeted neuromodulation therapies. The first phase calls on scientists, engineers, and clinicians to submit novel concepts and plans for development. With the Neuromod Prize, NIH hopes to bridge the gap between early-stage research and clinical use, bringing innovative neuromodulation therapies to patients. 

Interested in participating? Here’s how to get started:

Learn more about the Neuromod Prize

Attend our virtual information session on February 7 to learn more about the competition and ask questions. The NIH team will discuss advances in the field of neuromodulation, how the competition will unfold, and expectations for submissions. Advance registration is required.

Explore the competition resources and solver community

The Neuromod Prize has curated resources to support participants in developing submissions. Check out the hub for resources related to present and emerging methods for bioelectronic medicine, research tools, clinical translation, and target performance considerations. 

Success in all phases of the Neuromod Prize will require a breadth of expertise, and participants are encouraged to consider collaborating with each other or expanding their existing teams. Join the Neuromod Prize solver community by filling out a short form.

Enter Phase 1 by April 28

The competition seeks solutions capable of independently regulating two or more desired autonomic functions without unintended effects. The first phase will award up to $800,000, and Phase 1 winners will be exclusively invited to participate in future phases, anticipated to take place in 2022 and beyond. Phase 2 will have a total potential prize pool of $4 million, and Phase 3 will have a total potential prize pool of $5 million. 

Register your team and complete your Phase 1 submission by 4:59 pm EDT on April 28. 

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